Las tri amigas by Longboard Colombia on Flickr.

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that-other-blog-deactivated2012 asked:
Hey! great blog. I have a question about sliding. I am currently using a S9 Bomb hills(46in) and I am having a lot of trouble learning how to slide. I live in florida so I do not have many hills to use. I just cannot get the board to slide and was wondering if you had any tips. Thank you!

well if your wheels are standard s9 than you’re not gonna have much luck sliding because of the shiny coating on the wheels. i would recommend getting some new wheels preferably orangatang stimulus or durians. i got the orange 80a durians but if you want to slide get the purple 83a’s or for more sliding the yellow 86a’s. if you cant afford them then find some cheeper brand but remember the high the “a” number the more sliding you will get out of those wheels.
hope this helped (:  

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